More than just a shared kitchen.


By becoming a Fork Food Lab member you become part of a robust food community. Entrepreneurs in all stages of starting a food business and all different types of businesses come to Fork as a starting place or a place to expand.

Fork has a communal table at Farmers Markets that members can attend and sample their products, just send their products for selling or use as a marketing platform.

Fork is also the umbrella on 2 Dine In, FarmDrop and Uber Eats allowing members to set up and sell their products quickly for delivery to consumers.



Tasting Room

where the public meets the chef

Workshops, dinners, markets, classes and private events all take place in the Tasting Room.


A modern commercial kitchen for you

Our 5000 square foot kitchen includes a range of high quality cooking equipment, ample storage, small wares and all the disposable items you'll need to operate.



A network for the small food business

Food is one of the most ancient of rituals for society. We are working towards reconnecting the members of the community eating sustenance with the members of the community producing it.  Immediate, factual feedback is at the core of launching a successful food business. Our advisors care about the growth of Maine food businesses and are excited to lend a hand to members of the Fork community.