Instead of a formal lease that locks you into a facility for years, we offer hour blocks to use when you chose. Each hour is for two prep tables, access to our equipment, cold/dry storage, as well as all of the paper goods and sanitation supplies you need to operate.  We also offer additional storage for an extra fee per month.  We want to keep things flexible for business growth since that's our goal.

Monthly Packages

  • $260 Starter: 10 hours, $50 storage credit
  • $520 Light: 20 hours, $125 storage credit
  • $1040 Basic: 40 hours, $250 storage credit
  • $1,560 Pro: 60 hours, $375 storage credit
  • $2,080 Enterprise: 80 hours, $500 storage credit
  • Additional hours $26/hour/station

All membership levels also include the convenience of a Fork Food Lab staff member to receive shipments from all distributors and carriers when you aren't on the premises.

Member Benefits

  • Participation in Markets
  • Farmer Market Share Tables
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Mentorship Program 
  • Conference Room 
  • Staffed for Receiving Produce Deliveries and Carrier Pick Ups 

Hourly Kitchen Rentals

Fork does offer hourly rentals to businesses that need to use the facility for one time events