Member Monday: Bubbe & Bestemor's Baking Company

Bubbe & Bestemor are two fictional grandmas symbolizing the "Ashke-Nordic" theme of Audrey Farber's baked goods. Audrey Farber is an actual young woman who makes the meanest rye bread east of New York City. More about her: Audrey holds a Master's degree in Linguistics, spent the past week at a historic cookbook conference at Radcliffe, bikes faster than most people drive, and consistently produces extremely high-quality baked goods made with love and an eye for tradition. She describes Bubbe & Bestemor as "A project about exploring historic foodways in the modern era, a preservation effort, and a cool experiment in making stuff."

We sat down for a chat about her favorite spots in the city and her "food pet." After you read, check out her menu for this week and order for pickup at Fork on Friday! 

What was your first job?
Beal’s Ice Cream on Veranda Street.

How did you get involved with food work?
It’s practically the only work I’ve ever done. Food is life, man.

What motivates you to continue and grow your business?
Sheer willpower. And my challah is the best.

Who are some food entrepreneurs that you admire?
Anybody claiming their own identity through the food they're making.

What’s your go-to weeknight dinner?
What season? Am I at home? Something with a s***-load of CSA veggies.

Where do you like to eat in Maine?

For which meal?
Afternoon snack obviously, or first dinner. Or dessert.

What's an early food memory you have?
When I was 5, my mom let me invent my own cookie recipe so I basically just put a bunch of cocoa powder, baking soda, flour and butter in a bowl. When I baked them, they were so gross, and I made a huge mess. 

What's the last thing you ate?
An apple, and before that, I made chard hand pies with hot sauce on them. (Ed. note: Hand Pies are not for sale.)

Do you have any food pet peeves?
No, but I have food pet - my starter. She doesn't have a name but she is a female (technically asexual, though, because microbes). I've had her since January, I got her from a friend, but now from all the feeding she's her own creature with her own idiosyncrasies. She likes to Netflix & Chill.