Food & Drinks to Be On The Lookout For This Fall

The camaraderie in Portland that comes with the changing of the seasons is coupled by the shifts in local produce and craft beers. All over the city, restaurants will be exchanging the light, sweet summer ingredients for more hearty, comforting produce that's at its best quality during the colder months. Fortunately, root veggies and fall beers make a warming pair. With dozens of breweries in and around the city, it is highly advised that one takes advantage of the wide variety of options and takes the opportunity to taste some of the local ever-evolving craft beers. Foulmouthed Brewing and Liquid Riot Bottling Company are both new to the Portland scene, and are sure to impress. Foulmouthed has recently released a Belgian style dark ale called Blue Balls, that is aged on local blueberries. The owner of the brewery, Jeff Hodenburg, is currently creating a beer cocktail using that and a blackberry infused rum, so be on the lookout for what is sure to be a delicious beverage. If you prefer nonalcoholic craft drinks, or want to splurge on a cocktail, Vena’s Fizz House can help you stay warm this fall.

Here at Fork Food Lab, Fat Pants Bakery has been getting ready for the fall by producing their infamous decadent brown butter brownies and pumpkin gingersnap cookies. The Whole Almond has been processing almonds into milk and flour, and has recently sampled some of the flour to a few of our baking members. Almond milk makes a great non-dairy substitute for baking and cooking, and can foam up nicely for a homemade latte.

Tourist season is now rounding out with cruise ship season, and soon, the arrival of leaf peepers. With Portland on over 20 “Best Of” lists, and even a recent mention in the New York Times, this fall will certainly bring thousands of people to the city for the first time, and no doubt leave a lasting impression. September marks a change in the atmosphere of Portland, but there are drinks (and good eats) for plenty.