Opening Letter from Neil

Hello Fork Community,

We can officially say that we are OPEN for food makers.  It's a refreshing feeling to have all the background work of financing and construction done with, and just turn on the ovens!  The kitchen is truly gorgeous and all the stainless steel toys reinforce the food lab moniker.  

This past week we welcomed our members into the kitchen to start producing the food we've been talking about for months.  Taste buds have been satisfied and eyes have been widened.  The vibe around the lab is not unlike the first week of college for me:  Everyone moving in their belongings, starting to forge new friendships, scheduling orientation, and talking about the future.  There is a tangible feeling of big things to come, and a lot of excitement around the next phase of the business opening September 27 - the tasting room. 

For me, we are now moving into the fun times where we get to host friends and the community as a whole at our establishment.  A lot of life and business is about trade-offs. App developers get to create and commercialize programs at a fraction of the rate it takes to build a brick and mortar location, but they rarely get to interact with their users on the level that we do at Fork.  I find myself taking a breath from the hard work every so often to appreciate how lucky I am to be working on an innovative project in such an accepting and forward-thinking city. 

Best regards,