The Kickstarter Experience

A Kickstarter campaign is a bit like riding the roller coaster down at Old Orchard Beach. The first day is exhilarating. We raised $10,000 in 24 hours! It felt like we would not need 30 days to achieve our goal if we were able to get 30% there in 24 hours. However, the thrill begins to plateau by the end of the first week as donations begin to trickle in. The middle of the campaign is almost underwhelming, with the exception of a few great ups that keep the journey exciting. By the final week, the stress starts to kick in. What if we do not meet our goal? 

I always felt confident that we would meet our goal, but when we still had over $11,000 to raise in our final 9 days and we were competing with the 4th of July weekend distractions at the same time. By our 4 day countdown, we had raised another $4k, but $7,000 is still a significant amount of money to raise. 

On July 7th, Kickstarter switched the time left on our Kickstarter from days to hours. That's when the nerves really set in. With 62 hours left, we still had over $3,000 to go. However, those nerves quickly subsided, as with each new donation, we got ever closer to our $30,000 goal. It was almost addicting to watch the Kickstarter website, waiting to see which donation was going to secure our campaign.

When we crossed the $30k mark on July 8th, it was like the end of the roller coaster ride. Now we could just enjoy the remaining hours to see if we would exceed our goal with minimal stress. Thanks to so many amazing backers, we were able to exceed our goal by nearly $4,000, which will make the Tasting Room that much better.

It has been a crazy ride, especially for a college student like me. Now begins the next ride: the actual opening of Fork Food Lab and the Tasting Room!