Meet a Member: Fork Food Lab

Think Tank Fork Food Member Meeting

Normally this reoccurring section will introduce another Fork Member, but for this first posting, we wanted to talk about the people other than founders that made this project happen. While Neil and Eric both played an integral role in the process, Fork Food Lab would not have been possible without the help and experience of our initial advisers. This includes Taja Dockendorf (Pulp and Wire), Ezekiel “Zeke” Callanan (Opticliff Law), Caroline Paras (GPCOG), Tom Brigham (Oakhurst Dairy), Mark Dvorozniak (Barber Foods), Jason Harkins (UMaine), Patrick Roche (Think Tank), Heather Omand (MOFGA), Patrick Kenney (DriveUX), Raffi Der Simonian (MECA), and Mac McCabe (Sustainable Business Consultant). From late night board meetings to many brainstorming sessions, Fork has been molded by all of you into what it is today.

We want to thank our investors: Justin Alfond, Carl Hanson, Taja Dockendorf, Mark Dvorozniak, Chris Papagni, and Karen Farrell.  We also want to thank some financing partners: Terry Trickey (Bangor Savings Bank), Art Stevens (CEI), Daniel Wallace (CEI), and Jim Maxwell (Granite State Development Corp).  They were all pivotal in making the rest of the project come together.

We see Fork Food Lab as more than just a kitchen. It's a community. A place where the local food industry gets together and creates. As we open in August, we invite the public to come by Fork and taste what's cooking. We promise to keep you updated on this journey of Maine food!