How to Finance Your Food Business

Do you have a great food idea and the passion to create it? Bootstrapping can get you started, but there comes a point when every business needs some money coming in to excel. We know this first hand, even with the experience myself and Neil had in the industry, it was a battle to get our financing needs met to build Fork Food Lab. One of the hardest parts is finding someone who could potentially give you that money...who will even hear your pitch. Excluding individual private investors, there are a lot of platforms out there that can help get your message out. I'm sure you've heard of places like Kickstarter (we're even about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the upgrades in the tasting room) but have you heard of Slow Money Maine or Maine Angels? There are plenty of great resources out there to find potential investors. 

REAL Food MBA has compiled an in depth list of food-centric funding sources around the country, breaking them up by different types of financing. If you have any questions about funding your project, shoot me a note at

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