Peterpeterportlandeater Stops by Fork

In our first week of our Kickstarter, Neil took Portland food blogger peterpeterportlandeater on a tour around the rapidly changing site of Fork. He took time after to mention our campaign in his blog post and further discuss the goals of the food lab and tasting room.

This week, I had the honor of joining a tour of the soon-to-be-finished Fork Food Lab at 72 Parris St in Portland led by CEO Neil Spillane. They’ve received a lot of press lately, but if you haven’t heard about them yet, I’m here to tell you this will be one of Maine’s premier food businesses, having already won an award for innovation. I wanted a Tour De Fork so I could share with you some pictures of their progress and get a better idea of exactly what they will be doing and how it will intermingle with Portland’s vast food and beverage culture.

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