A new trick for your treats

 Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats

Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats

The first of November leaves us with copious amounts of leftover candy that didn’t quite make it into the plastic pumpkins of trick or treaters. Some are content to slowly munch on the store bought candy over the upcoming weeks, others will gorge for a night or two and then immediately seek out a solution to their candy surplus. For those of us who don’t mind the cold, folding the goods into homemade ice cream is a smart way to end the holiday, and have dessert for a week!

   If you don’t have an ice cream maker, fret not. Before you start collecting your ingredients, put a deep stainless steel pan in your freezer. After the mixture is made, chill it over an ice bath, then you’ll pour it into the pan, and return to it every 20 minutes (about 4-5 times) to whisk the ice cream so it has a creamy and consistent texture throughout.

You’ll want to find a recipe that’ll complement whatever your bounty contains. If you’re going the vanilla route, basically any candy will add texture and flavor to your ice cream. A chocolate ice cream pairs well with salty or crispy treats, and a coffee-based ice cream will take kindly to your all your smooth, simple, chocolate candies. If you’re around Fork Food Lab during our Tasting Room hours (Friday - Sunday, 12-8pm) grab some Chocolate Almond Sauce by MaineFlavor to top off your treat.

** Some candy just isn’t meant for ice cream. Candies to avoid in your mixture include: chewy candies, hard candies, and candy corn.