Fall is more than just pumpkins

 Photo courtesy of The Green Forks

Photo courtesy of The Green Forks

 In New England kitchens, ordinary recipes are being introduced to seasonal muses, like pumpkin and squash. A particular favorite of mine is squash gnocchi, enjoyed with a slice off of a homemade loaf of bread and a salad with a citrus-infused dressing to lighten up the dish. Here in the lab, we’re seeing similar seasonal recipes beginning to formulate. Following the Feed the 5000 event, the squash and almond milk gelato (made in the Gelato Fiasco space next to the Tasting Room) is still being highly praised by those who had the chance to try it.

With November around the corner and winter following shortly after, there is hardly an indulgence more delightful than sharing a great meal with friends and family. Most of you don’t know that last year, the Fork team celebrated Friendsgiving. This year on November 21st, we hope to continue that tradition, but now executed in a collaborative effort catered by our members. The event will have tickets available for the public, more info can be found here.

The meal is sure to impress, as each member has a different specialty to bring to the table. For example, Renee by the Bay bakes solely pies, so this holiday provides the perfect channel for her to share her talent. Friendsgiving will also be a great time to become more familiar with our members’ products, and get some creative ideas for stocking stuffers. During the week of Thanksgiving, items will be available for pickup from the Tasting Room, and a menu will be available to the public in the upcoming weeks.

Photo and recipe are from The Green Fork, click here for the full recipe.